Dr. Satyajit Ambike

Associate Professor
Department of Health and Kinesiology


Lambert Fieldhouse, Room 110B
(765) 496-0567
Website @ Purdue


PhD, Mechanical Engineering, The Ohio State University
MS, Mechanical Engineering, The Ohio State University
BE, Mechanical Engineering, University of Pune

Research Interests

Human locomotion; Prehension; Biomechanics; Motor control; Dynamical systems; Mechanism synthesis

Satyajit Ambike

Research description

Dr. Ambike studies movement in biological systems. He currently focuses on human prehension (manual behavior) and locomotion across the adult age span. He is interested in how aging influences stability of various movements, and how stability and maneuverability - two antagonistic movement attributes - are traded off in activities of daily living. His current projects are (a) quantifying manual dexterity, (b) measuring and modeling mechanics at the fingertip-object interface, and (c) quantifying synergistic control of adaptive locomotion. 

Current Students

Ruchika Iqbal (Health and Kinesiology)
Expected Degree: PhD

Past Students

Anvesh Naik (PhD - 2023)

  • Dissertation Title: Hand-Specific Specialization of Grip Force Control in Bimanual Prehension
  • Current Position (2023): Post Doctoral Scholar, Zukerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute, Columbia University, NY

Ashwini Kulkarni (PhD - 2023)

  • Dissertation Title: Adaptations to the Foot Placement Strategy while Walking Through Cluttered Environments
  • Current Position (2023): Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy, School of Rehabilitation Sciences, Old Dominion University, VA

Chuyi Cui (PhD - 2022)

  • Dissertation Title: Stability Control During Double Support Phase of Adaptive Locomotion: Effect of Age and Environmental Demands
  • Current Position (2022): Post doctoral scholar, Stanford University, Neurology and Neurological Sciences

Mitchell Tillman (MS - 2019)

  • Thesis Title: Effects of past and future events on present motor stability, and relationships with motor and cognitive flexibility
  • Current Position (2019): PhD student, Stevens Institute of Technology, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Marissa Munoz-Ruiz (MS - 2019)

  • Thesis Title: Interactions between fingers during rapid force pulse production

Paige Thompson (MS - 2021)

  • Thesis Title: Stability modulation in finger force production tasks
  • Current Position (2021): PhD student, Department of Health and Kinesiology, Purdue University