Chemical Genomics Facility at Purdue

  • Consultation on assay development, implementation, validation and miniaturization specific to the target of your interest. Type of assays implemented includes:
    • In vitro enzymatic activity assays
    • In vitro protein binding assays
    • Cell proliferation assays
    • Cell-based transcription (reporter gene)assays
    • Image-based cell phenotypic screening assays
  • Pre-plated compound library ready for assays that are performed in 384-(preferred) or 96-well plate format;
  • High throughput screening and high content screening using liquid handling robots and automated plate readers and high content imaging acquisition and analysis;
  • Assistance with data analysis and compound selection will be provided as needed;
  • Post-screen hit validation (dose dependence, binding evaluation, etc.)
  • Compound management, plating and distribution services