Disease Categories


Leading cancer research on the Purdue campus for over 30 years, the NCI-designated Purdue Center for Cancer Research merges science and technology to accelerate cancer treatments.

Neurological Disorders/Trauma

For over 30 years, Purdue has hosted the Center for Paralysis Research, where researchers are developing several therapies for injury and diseases of the human nervous system. Purdue also has a nationally renowned research program for concussion research and advanced design of athletic equipment. Additionally, the Purdue Institute for Integrative Neuroscience encompasses over 100 faculty in more than 25 different disciplines related to basic and translational neuroscience.

Immunology/Inflammatory/Infectious Diseases

Researcher expertise at Purdue Institute of Inflammation, Immunology and Infectious Disease ranges from the study of signaling pathways and novel transcription factors in the immune system to the high resolution three-dimensional, atomic structures of viruses.


From the study of basic lipid metabolism and the interactions of small molecule drugs with calcium channels, to the application of engineering designs and analytical technologies, our researchers focus on basic metabolic disorders. Purdue’s new Nutrition and Exercise Clinical Research Center focuses on research areas related to appetite, metabolism, and obesity; life-stage health and well-being; diet, exercise and chronic disease prevention or management; pre-digestive influences on digestion, metabolism and health; diet and exercise science translation and communication.