While the Purdue University Institute for Drug Discovery has successfully moved many newly discovered drugs into human clinical trials, dozens of other promising drugs languish on the shelves waiting for enough funding to be tested in clinical trials.

You can take an important step towards helping us further advance these drugs with a financial gift to the Institute for Drug Discovery.  Large or small, every gift strengthens our operations and our community of support. 

Please contact Karson Putt, Managing Director, at or 765-494-7125.  Or visit our online donation module


Thank you to our donors:

Lisa Kirkham

Scientist Solutions


Director's Discretionary Fund

Contribution to this initiative will be used for the areas of most need as identified by the Director. This fund provides the most flexibility to accommodate the needs of the Drug Discovery Institute.

Clinical Translational Fund

One of the greatest challenges for academic drug discovery is the translational of drugs into the clinic for initial proof of concept studies in humans. This stage of drug development, often referred to as the “valley of death” is where federal funding for discovery projects ends, but drug assets are still too early for pharmaceutical company investment. Many potential Purdue therapies are trapped in this valley of death, languishing until additional funding can advance their testing.

Startup company investment opportunities

The majority of Purdue discovered drugs that enter human clinical testing do so via startup companies. In fact, since the founding of the Institute for Drug Discovery, 19 companies have been created by affiliated faculty members. There are many potential high risk/high reward investment options for these and future startup companies coming out of Purdue.

Student Training Fellowships

To increase the number of future scientists focused on curing diseases, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows within the Institute for Drug Discovery are trained with a focus on how to successfully discover and develop new diagnostics and therapies to identify and treat disease. Donating to graduate and post-doctoral fellowships allows an increased number of these drug discovery focused future scientists to be trained today.


The drug discovery process is lengthy and intensive – the process can take 10 years (average) from beginning to end. While a good portion of that process is the clinical trials, there are a number of pieces of equipment that can help expedite the process on the front end. Tools like liquid handling robots negate the need for an individual to transfer materials one at a time, and allow our researchers to focus on other work. Imaging resources such as our Opera Phenix high content screening device allow us to process samples, any one of which may be developed into a lifesaving drug, in a rapid manner, reducing the amount of time spent in the screening process.

Collaboration Seed Fund

Interdisciplinary research is a cornerstone of our Institute. The drug development process requires chemists, biologists, pharmacists, clinicians, and more to work together on a therapeutic development. The collaboration seed fund will be used to support interdisciplinary efforts.