About Us Overview

Founded in 2013 to leverage Purdue’s strengths across all points of the drug-discovery pipeline, the Purdue Institute for Drug Discovery is accelerating the translation of basic research into life-changing treatments.

With more than 120 researchers representing more than 16 countries around the world, and disciplines ranging from biomedical engineering to medicinal chemistry to fluorescence-guided surgery, our scientists bring a rich diversity of experience to pharmaceutical discovery.

Their research spans from the nano level to high resolution protein structures, ending with new medicines, diagnostic tools and treatment devices that improve health and well-being. In order to minimize damage to healthy cells and tissues, we place particular emphasis on compounds that selectively target pathologic cells.

Working across disciplines and in collaboration with clinical partners around the world, our researchers develop and promote innovative drug candidates for Cancer, Neurological Disorder/Trauma, Immunology/Inflammatory/Infectious Diseases, Diabetes/Obesity/Metabolic Diseases.