Thank you Purdue faculty for your interest in becoming a member of the Institute for Drug Discovery.

The process is really quite easy.  We simply ask you to provide some information about your research at Purdue to include in the "Drug Book" for our website:

PIDD Faculty Directory

The information will be publically available so please do not include anything that you would like to keep confidential. Additionally, if you are moving down the path of translating drugs, we would like to include these therapeutics on our Pipeline.

Additionally, membership for Purdue faculty include these fantastic benefits: 

1. Inclusion in our "Faculty Book" that we use to promote Purdue drug discovery and solicit funding opportunities from industry and foundations. 

2. Eligibility to receive drug discovery internal grants/student fellowships. 

3. Access to the Drug Evaluation Committee to give advice about developing and translating promising drug candidates. 

4. Access to the monthly Purdue Life Sciences newsletter.

Once we obtain your information, we will add you to the website and our mailing lists. 

Please fill out the attached form and email it to:

Managing Director
Karson Putt

New Faculty Form