External Advisory Board

External Advisory Board Members:

Georg Gunda Georg
Professor and Head, Medicinal Chemistry,
College of Pharmacy,
University of Minnesota
Hipskind Philip Hipskind
Senior Research Fellow, Eli Lilly
Horak Ivan Horak
Chief Scientific and Medical Officer, Symphogen A/S
Krieg Arthur Krieg
Founder and CEO Checkmate Pharmaceuticals
Landis John Landis (Chair)
President, Sigma-Tau PharmaSource
MacDonald James S. MacDonald
President, Chrysalis Pharma Partners, LLC
Meanwell Nicholas Meanwell
Executive Director, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Merchant Kalpana Merchant
President and CSO,
Transthera Consulting Company
Pearce Homer Pearce
Director, Kylin Therapeutics
Retired Vice President, Eli Lilly
Prendergast Franklyn Prendergast
Emeritus Professor of Molecular Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics,
Mayo Graduate School
Strader Catherine Strader
Founding Partner, Synergy Partners R&D Solutions, LLC
Biopharmaceutical Consultant, Artemis Partners, LLC