Core Capabilities


  • Advanced flow cytometry acquisition and analysis
  • Very high speed, temperature controlled, sorting of sterile, live, and rare cell populations
  • Single cell genomic gene analysis
  • Instrument training
  • Data analysis
  • Data archiving and offline retrieval
  • FCS Express, FlowJo, and ModFitLt software packages
  • Expert consultation for assay or protocol development
  • Expert consultation and input for grant proposals and manuscripts

Popular Applications

  1. DNA cell cyle analysis
  2. Apoptosis assays
  3. Immunophenotyping
  4. Intracellular phosphoprotein analysis
  5. Antibody binding evaluation
  6. Drug Response assays
  7. High speed temperature controlled live cell sorting
  8. Rare cell sorting and analysis


Jill Hutchcroft
Flow Cytometry Facility Director
Phone: (765) 586-1130