Advanced Methods at Purdue (AMAP) in the Behavioral, Health, and Social Sciences

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AMAP provides several services to support students and faculty with regard to grants. 

Do you need a statistical or methodological consultant to support a grant proposal, but aren't sure where to look?

Email We can help you identify and connect with an affiliated faculty member to help establish a collaboration.

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Advanced Methods at Purdue in the behavioral, health, and social sciences (AMAP) is cross-college initiative working towards increasing methodological expertise and collaborative opportunities in behavioral, health, and social sciences. This initiative has fostered a strong support system for advanced statistics and methodology, including workshopping and troubleshooting data issues. It facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration by hosting a monthly brown-bag seminar series, regular workshops, and facilitating external speakers for talks and conferences. AMAP creates an atmosphere of diverse analytical perspectives.  Affiliates have deep expertise in qualitative methodologies, experimental design, econometric modeling, data visualization, and computational ‘big data’ analysis, among other areas. AMAP also offers open consultation, and an interdisciplinary research methods certificate program to enhance methodological training of the next generation of scientists. Thus, AMAP provides a strong resource (i.e., though methodological and statistical consultation) to help facilitate the success and rigorous work conducted in the Colleges of Health and Human Sciences and Liberal Arts at Purdue University. 

Do you want to leverage AMAP to bolster your training?

Check our our certificate program. It may be helpful to include the certificate as a training component. We can also help to identify mentors for training grants, and if it makes sense for the proposal, to provide a letter of support. Email with questions.