Advanced Methods at Purdue (AMAP) in the Behavioral, Health, and Social Sciences

Completion Requirements

Complete Four Method Courses

Students need to attend at least four courses in approved method courses (or similar courses with AMAP steering committee approval) totaling at least 12 credit hours. Detailed information is listed below. 
  • AMAP emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to methods; therefore, students must take courses from at least two different departments for the four courses to be counted for the certificate.
  • To encourage well-rounded methodological training all students must take at least one quantitative course and at least one qualitative course.
  • Students have the option to specialize in quantitative or qualitative methods. For example, a student who specializes in quantitative methods would take three advanced quantitative courses and one qualitative methods course. Students who specialize are encouraged to develop capstones that fit their chosen specialization.
    • There is no requirement to specialize in quantitative or qualitative methods; students can choose to mix quantitative or qualitative courses, workshops, and capstones.
  • AMAP faculty may also offer shorter modular courses, with three modules equaling one seminar of the four required.
  • Students must earn a minimum grade of B in each of the four (4) classes they select from the below list, as well as the foundational prerequisite course.
  • 12 credit hours taken prior to admission to the certificate program may be counted toward completion of the certificate.
  • A maximum of 3 credits may be transferred from another institution, provided the transfer is approved by the AMAP steering committee.
  • No more than 9 credit hours earned in non-degree status, including credit hours earned toward completion of a single certificate or more than one certificate, may be applied toward a graduate degree.

Attend Three Workshops

  • Attendance in at least three AMAP workshops
    • See the AMAP Events page for upcoming workshops
    • See "Workshops and Seminars" on our Past Events page for example offerings
    • Most workshops are not explicitly qualitative or quantitative in nature and therefore can be attended and counted regardless of whether a student is specializing in quantitative or qualitative methods

Attend Four Work-In-Progress Talks

  • Attendance in at least four work-in-progress talks.
    • See the AMAP Events page for upcoming work-in-progress talks
    • See "Work-In-Progress Series" on our Past Events page for example offerings

Capstone Experience

  • “Capstone” experience in research methods, to be determined in advance in consultation with the major professor and the AMAP steering committee. The goal of the capstone experience is to gain experiential, hands-on learning in the application of methodological tools and/or teaching methods.   
  • Examples of capstone experiences can be found on this page