Advanced Methods at Purdue (AMAP) in the Behavioral, Health, and Social Sciences

Completion Reporting

After a student has completed all requirements described above they should fill out this completion form detailing which courses, workshops, brown bags, and capstone the students plan to apply to the certificate. Email the completed form to with the subject "AMAP Certificate Requirements Complete" to alert the steering committee of the completed requirements. We will send a confirmation email verifying receipt of your email.

To facilitate tracking of students who are enrolled in certificate programs, the Office of the Registrar will establish a special admission status for such individuals. When a student completes the requirements for a certificate, the AMAP steering committee will notify the Graduate School. The Graduate School is responsible for certifying the completion of requirements. The Graduate School will audit the following items to certify the completion of requirements.

(a) the name of the student including PUID,
(b) student status, i.e. degree student including PUID,
(c) the complete name of each course, including course prefix and number,
(d) the grade in each course, and
(e) the semester and year each course is completed.

The Graduate School will then notify the Office of the Registrar.


This certificate will be posted separately upon completion of the requirements.

This Graduate certificate will be recorded in the following manner:

  • Awarded: Graduate Certificate
  • Program: Graduate School Administration – CPOSTB
  • College: Graduate School
  • Campus: Purdue West Lafayette (PWL)
  • Major: Advanced Methods in the Behavioral, Health, and Social Sciences

Credits earned toward a certificate will be included in the computation of the overall GPA posted on the transcript. The certificate, itself, will be printed by the Office of the Registrar at the West Lafayette campus.
The certificate will be awarded jointly by the Graduate School. It will bear the signature of the dean of the Graduate School. Certificates will be awarded at the normal times when degrees are awarded. The Office of the Registrar will include the certificate with the diploma for degree-seeking students and mail the certificate to non-degree students.