Advanced Methods at Purdue (AMAP) in the Behavioral, Health, and Social Sciences

Upcoming AMAP Events

Brown Bags (12:00-1:15PM)

Brown bags are AMAP's regular seminar series held on the first Tuesday of the month, where presenters bring their current work in various stages of completion. Come, bring your lunch, and engage! Presenters may ask advice of the group for a problem they are stuck on, present on a new method they are working out, or may come seeking practice talking about their work from a methodological angle. The atmosphere is friendly and supportive. If you are interested in presenting at a brown bag, please contact


AMAP hosts a variety of one and two-day workshops on a wide range of advanced methodological and statistical topics. The workshops are designed to provide participants -- which can include both faculty and graduate students -- with supplemental training on advanced topics in quantitative and qualitative methodology. The workshops are designed around methods that can be adequately covered in a single day and/or methods rarely covered in most graduate courses but that are useful for applied researchers.

Special Events

AMAP also hosts various other events such as invited lectures, symposiums, and receptions. These are great meet-and-greets that allow for networking both within and outside of Purdue.

January 2020


Dori Davari (PhD student, HTM) 

Tourist Destination Image: Impacts of Social Interaction and Stereotyping 

Vasundhara Kaul (PhD student, SOC)

The "Aliens" Are Here: The Role of Academic Enclaves on International Students' Aspirations (work-in-progress brown bags)

WALC 3090 12:00-1:15pm.



Special Event: Ron Wasserstein, Executive Director of the American Statistical Association

Moving to a World Beyond p<.05

Fowler Hall 3:00-5:00pm.


February 2020


Dr. Logan Strother (POL)

Threshold Effects and Coalition Formation at the U.S. Supreme Court (work-in-progress brown bag)

BRNG 1284 12:00-1:15pm.



Dr. Louis Tay (PSY)

Capturing and Measuring ‘Experiences’ in Everyday Life: An Overview of Ecological Momentary Assessment (workshop)

WALC 1121 2:00-5:00pm.


March 2020


Dr. Kristine Marceau (HDFS)

Which Model Should I Use to Test Bidirectional Effects? Navigating transactional analytic models in developmental research (work-in-progress brown bag)

WALC 3090 12:00-1:15pm.


April 2020


Aura Mishra (PhD student, HDFS)

Longitudinal Models Using Count Data: Issues with Moderation and Missing Data

Jaziel Ramon-Ortiz (PhD student, Consumer Science)

Paving the Way for Male Hormonal Contraception: A Consumer Behavior Approach (work-in-progress brown bags)

BRNG 1284 12:00-1:15pm



Dr. Trent Mize (SOC)

Data Visualization: How to Produce Engaging and Effective Figures, Graphs, and Visualizations (workshop)

Lawson 1142 2:00-5:00pm


 *Email if you are interested in presenting your work in progress at our spring brownbag series.