Advanced Methods at Purdue (AMAP) in the Behavioral, Health, and Social Sciences

Approved Courses

These are example courses from AMAP affiliated departments in CLA and HHS that have been approved for the certificate. Many other courses including those taught in other colleges may qualify but must receive AMAP steering committee approval.

Below, we color code courses as Quantitative or Qualitative; all students must take at least one quantitative and at least one qualitative course to complete the certificate.


592 (Geographic Information System for Humanities and Social Sciences)

592 (Data Management and Curation for Qualitative [and Digital Humanities] Research)

605 (Ethnographic Analysis)

606 (Conduct of Anthropological Inquiry)

640 (Foundations and Framework: Applying Anthropology)

641 (Discovery and Design, Making Projects Work)

642 (Public Engagement)

675 (Sociolinguistic Analysis)


590 (GIS)


585 (Qualitative Methods)

624 (Focus Groups And Interviewing For Strategic Communication)

625 (Survey Design, Analysis, And Reporting For Strategic Communication)

632 (Social Media Analytics)

674 (Network Analysis)

682 (Variable Topics -- Computational Methods, Content Analysis, Multivariate)


627 (Multilevel Modeling)

628 (Structural Equation Modeling)


595 (Variable Topics - Data Management and Curation for Qualitative [and Digital Humanities] Research, Geographic Information System for Humanities and Social Sciences)

695 (Introduction to Computational Text Analysis)

695 (Digital Humanities)


605 (Political Methodology II) 

606 (Variable Topics – Models for Categorical and Limited DV, Experimental Methods, Scaling)

608 (Field Research Methods. Note this mixed methods course can count as quantitative or qualitative)

608 (Qualitative Methods)

693 (Modeling Complex Systems)


606 (Intensive Repeated Measures)

607 (Scaling / Measurement)

608 (Measurement Theory / Interpretation)

610 (Multivariate)

611 (Multilevel Theory, Measurement, and Analysis)

646 (Variable Topic -- Multilevel Modeling, Bayesian Statistics)

674 (Structural Equation Modeling (SEM))


609: Comparative / Historical Methods

609 or 681: Causal Analysis

609 or 681: Experimental Design

609 or 681: Latent Variable Modeling

609 or 681: Longitudinal and Multilevel Modeling

681: Introduction to Computational Social Science in R

681: Interviewing

681: Categorical Data Analysis

681: Mixed Methods (can also count as a qualitative course)

686: Qualitative Methods


697: Qualitative Research Methods for Technology Studies