Advanced Methods at Purdue (AMAP) in the Behavioral, Health, and Social Sciences

COM 682/ NUR 599: Interdisciplinary Foundations of Research Design in the Behavioral, Health, and Social Sciences

AMAP is excited to introduce an interdisciplinary foundation course in research methods starting in Spring 2024. The course will be the first of its kind to be offered to Purdue graduate students. The course will be jointly taught by Dr Dongjuan (Donna) Xu (Associate Professor, College of Nursing, HHS) and Dr. Jeremy Foote (Assistant Professor, Lamb School of Communication, CLA). Alongside these primary course instructors, there will be faculty members from departments across CLA and HHS lending their methodological expertise as guest speakers every week. Below you can find a list of methodological areas to be covered in the course:

Week 1: Philosophy of Science [Guest Speaker: Dr Sebastian Murgueitio Ramirez, Assistant Professor of Philosphy]

Week 2: Research Questions and Hypotheses [Guest Speaker: Dr Torstein Reimer, Professor of Communication]

Week 3: Theories and Theoretical Framework [Guest Speaker: Dr Robin Stryker, Professor of Sociology]

Week 4: Concepts and Measurements [Guest Speaker: Dr Louis Tay, Professor of Psychology]

Week 5: Ethics in Research (For participants and researchers) [ Guest Speaker: Dr Jeff Haddad, Associate Professor of Health and Kinesiology]

Week 6: Causal Inference [Guest Speaker: Dr Shawn Bauldry, Associate Professor of Sociology]

Week 7: Experimental Studies [Guest Speaker: Dr Trenton Mize, Associate Professor of Sociology]

Week 8: Observational Studies [Guest Speaker: Dr Kristine Marceau, Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Science]

Week 9: Surveys (Quantitative Research) [Guest Speaker: Dr James McCann, Professor of Political Science]

Week 11: Sampling and Inference [Guest Speaker: Dr Sharon Christ, Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Science]

Week 12: Interviews/ Focus Groups (Qualitative Research) [Guest Speaker: Dr Haocen Wang, Assistant Professor of Nursing]

Week 13: Ethnography / Participant Observation [Guest Speaker: Dr Laura Zanotti, Professor of Anthropology]

Week 14: Mixed Methods Design [Guest Speaker: Dr Zhao Ma, Professor of Natural Resource Social Science]

Week 15: Prediction (Computational approaches) [Guest Speaker: Dr Jeremy Foote, Assistant Professor of Communication]