Experience with Domestic and International Diversity

  • Appreciate and understand cultures inside and outside the U.S.
  • Understand a cultural minority.
  • Live in another culture.
  • Acquire intercultural competence.

The activities that fall into this category and the point values of each are indicated in the following table.

Experience with Domestic and International Diversity, 4 point minimum
Activity 1 point 2 points 3 or more points
Interactive service learning with another cultural group through Boiler Out or another volunteer program 1 point per two hours
Domestic or international diversity event or performance Attend/view Plan or prepare Lead or direct
Domestic or international diversity organization Participate for one year Serve on executive board for one year Lead organization, project, or program (e.g. Boiler Out student leader)
Global Science Partners Global Science Partnerships Learning Community, 3 points; Global Dialogues, 6 points
Intercultural Competence Passport Project (ICPP) 1 point per badge earned
Project L.E.A.D. or other international or domestic mentoring program (e.g. WISP, GSP) 3 points/year
Resident Assistant (RA) 10 points (intensive activity)
Study Abroad* Semester, 10 points; summer, 6 points; break, 4 points

*After 3 years of college course work at Purdue or elsewhere in the United States, international students may report on their experiences with American culture for 5 points of diversity credit.

If there is an activity in which you would like to participate that you feel meets the requirements of the LBC Certificate program but is not listed on the table above, contact the administrator and ask to have it considered. The College of Science Office of Undergraduate Education reserves the right to determine whether or not an activity and/or a report earns points and how many.