Current Initiatives

Registration Holds

The goal of this project is to provide recommendations for how to improve policy and practice related to registration holds in order to bring Purdue into alignment with AACRAO and NACUBO recommendations and address concerns related to holds and student success. 

Project Design Brief

First-Gen Forward

In 2019, NASPA’s Center for First Generation Student Success designation Purdue as a First Gen Forward institution. With this distinction, Purdue has access to a network of regional and national institutions to consult on first-generation college student challenges, share resources and evidence-based practices for supporting first generation college students, and celebrate first generation student and programmatic successes. In February 2022, the BST launched the first-generation landscape analysis. A key recommendation brought forward by the landscape analysis was the creation of the First Gen Forward Action Committee that would be responsible for coordinating, strengthening, and expanding institutional level efforts for promoting success among first-generation Boilermakers. See the executive summary of the landscape analysis project for additional information. 

Probation Messaging Project

The overall goal of the project is to minimize the number of semesters students spend on probation. Beginning Fall of 2020, students on academic probation for the first time have received weekly, informal, and approachable emails with “just in time” academic- and wellbeing-related information from the Director of the Academic Success Center. Our data indicate a significant association between students’ engagement with these messages and their engagement with campus resources (e.g., advisors, TAs) as well as their campus belonging and academic success (e.g., credits earned, GPA). Beginning Spring of 2021, students on academic probation the second time have also been receiving weekly messages--altered but with similar themes. Also beginning Spring of 2021, students on academic probation the third time received personal outreach by phone from an Associate Dean of Students. Additional details including initial assessment findings available here. 

Transformative Education 2.0 - Roadmap Foundations

One of Purdue's next moves, Transformative Education 2.0 is an initiative that is broader than the Boiler Success Team, but will include several individual projects that fit the BST mission and approach. The overall goal of the initiative is to make Purdue University the most innovative residential learning program in the US among large research universities. 

Roadmap for Transformative Undergraduate Education

In Spring 2018, the Provost held several listening sessions that led to the creation of the Roadmap for Transformative Undergraduate Education. BST members were invited to attend open forum events in Spring 2019 to provide feedback about the roadmap. Work related to the original roadmap is ongoing, including:

  • The Teaching Academy's efforts to define and develop a framework for teaching excellence at Purdue.
  • The creation of a hub for teaching and learning innovation within Innovation College.
  • Leveraging the characteristics of a residential campus to increase engagement through initiatives such as Steps to Leaps and the Office of Experiential Education
  • Collection and dissemination of data related to the Maximizing Student Potential initiative. 

Transfer Credit Evaluation

Co-sponsored by the Vice Provost for Enrollment Management and the Sr. Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning, this project team was charged with reviewing and assessing the current process by which the university evaluates transfer credit. Building on the work of prior committees, this group developed a deep understanding of how the current credit evaluation process is experienced by different student populations, faculty, and staff, and used that understanding as a foundation for recommendations about a potential new process and additional assessments. The planned implementation of a new technology solution was paused during Covid-19 and is currently on hold pending the outcome of the Transformative Education 2.0 project on Degree Planning & Auditing.

Project Design Brief