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COVID-19 Purchasing Guidance

Departments need to be fiscally mindful and frugal during this time of uncertainty. Purchasing should to be limited to activities and items supporting essential functions. Essential functions are defined as purchases or contracts that support research, online learning or infrastructure (technological or physical). Areas should not purchase non-essential items at this time.

Research Purchases

Research conducted on sponsored fund accounts should continue using standard purchasing methods. It is important that orders involving perishable items be made only when it is certain they will be received and used within shelf life. New faculty hires may purchase equipment and/or supplies using startup funds as specified in their offer letters. Prior to purchasing, arrangements must be in place for receiving the order by the intended ordering unit (e.g., department, center) at the receiving location (i.e., specific building). More information including guidance on other sponsored funding can be found on the research section of the Protect Purdue website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will I still be able to obtain the supplies I need for my work/research?

  • Check to see if the product is available through Ariba. If so, please continue to order through Ariba.
  • Procurement Services is continuing normal operations, including the acquisition of goods and services. For questions about specific supplies, email

Can I have items shipped somewhere off campus (e.g. my home) instead of to a building on campus?

  • Temporarily, Procurement Services will open the “Ship to” field in Ariba. This will allow individuals to enter an alternate shipping address. While the system will allow off-campus addresses to be entered, it is highly suggested that the requester receive business office approval before shipping something off campus. A quick reference guide is available for this process.
  • If an item needs to be shipped to an on-campus location, the building address must be selected from the drop-down menu. Not using the drop-down for on-campus shipments could affect electronic invoicing.