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Testing Services

Instructional Data Processing

Instructional Data Processing (IDP) supports the educational process at Purdue University by providing fast, reliable, accurate test scoring and evaluation services while embracing the most current technologies. They are committed to being customer driven and offering dependable instructional support.

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Proctoring Services

IDP offers a proctoring service that supports and enhances academic intergrity. It is a resource for instructors who need help supervising exams and an employment opportunity for Purdue's graduate students.

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Test Scoring

IDP offers a free test scoring and analysis service for objective, multiple-choice examinations on the West Lafayette campus. The service provides high levels of reliability, accuracy, and security with a 24-hour turnaround time.

All information and materials needed for the service, including the free machine-readable student response forms, can be obtained from IDP in Room G-39, Stewart Center. Response forms should also be returned to G-39 for scoring and analysis.

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Course Evaluations

IDP facilitates on-line course evaluations for departments and instructors through a software called CoursEval. All evaluations requests originate from departments and are filled in tandem with University Senate Guidelines. While the Office of the Provost requires evaluations for undergraduate courses with 7 or more students, any class may conduct an on-line evaluation with department approval.

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Online Test Proctoring

Proctortrack™ utilizes an automated, proctorless™ approach to administer online course exams. This automated solution offers a scalable approach to administering exams and convenience and ease of use through seamless integration. The student data is handled in compliance with FERPA regulations.

Proctortrack is said to be

  • Instructor-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Conveninet and secure
  • Available anytime, anywhere, on-demand
  • Comfortable proctoring experience

This online proctoring solution was piloted and selected by ITaP and is new to online Purdue courses starting Spring 2018.

A proctoring fee of $15 per credit hour will be added to the invoices of students enrolling in course sections using Proctortrack.

Video Demos

Instructor Set up Video

Please use your Purdue career account to access the video.

Instructor Best Practices Using ProctorTrack

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Student Instruction Video

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Instructor Resources

Proctortrack for Instructors

Offers step by step information on creating an exam, creating an onboarding exam, configuring your settings, making your exam available, reading your dashboard.

Manually Checking Student ID’s in Proctortrack

Students are using common and preferred names during the onboarding. This has created problems for students to successfully completing the onboarding process. This document is a QRC to explain how to manually check student ID’s.

Proctortrack Faculty Guidelines Krannert

This document is was created for the Krannert Faculty, but provides very helpful information and best practices that instructors can reference.

Proctortrack QRC (include with course syllabus)

Student Proctortrack FAQ

This is a student reference FAQ. This includes the technical requirements for computers and Onboarding FAQ information.

Proctortrack support:

For more information contact
Ben Holmes, ITAP,