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Hotseat provides all learners a place to quickly and easily participate in a productive backchannel discussion during class. Suddenly, everyone has a voice.

Abiding by the “run what you brung” model, Hotseat allows learners to post questions and comments using whatever technology they have available -- SMS texting, iOS mobile app, and desktop and mobile websites. This gives everyone a chance to actively engage in classroom activities.

If you’re interested in learning how to use Hotseat you can watch our self-service video series that will walk you through each step needed to engage learners using this tool or you can e-mail to request a consultation.


Faculty Testimonials

photo of Dr. Sugato Chakravarty

Dr. Sugato Chakravarty

Professor and Department Head of Department of Consumer Sciences and Retailing

Dr. Chakravarty is using Hotseat to engage learners in the classroom to empower them to speak up in large lectures.

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photo of Dr. Frank Dooley

Dr. Frank Dooley

Professor of Agricultural Economics

Dr. Frank Dooley is using Hotseat to encourage all learners to participate actively in class.

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photo of Dr. David Bos

Dr. David Bos

Continuing Lecturer, Biological Sciences

Dr. David Bos uses Hotseat both in and out of the classroom to help identify which concepts learners understand, as well as which topics require additional coverage or demonstrations in class.

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photo of Larry Nies

Larry Nies

Professor, Civil Engineering and Environmental and Ecological Engineering

"When you have 100 to 150 students, not everyone can share; it’s impossible. However, everyone can share in Hotseat. It gives every student the chance to contribute, and it gives me the opportunity to read everyone’s thoughts after class so I can follow up if necessary." “In big classes, it can be daunting for students to speak up. Luckily, Hotseat creates a safe environment by giving individuals who don’t want to stand in the spotlight a platform to share their ideas.”