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Assistive Technology Tools

Students can use a wide variety of assistive technologies to meet their information access and computing needs. These include stand-alone equipment, adaptive software, and adaptive hardware.

Screen Reader

  • JAWS for Windows

Screen Enlargement

  • ZoomText Magnifier(Windows)
  • iZoom USB

Voice Input

  • NaturallySpeaking


  • ReadHear for Windows
  • ReadHear for Macintosh
  • Kurzweil 3000 for Windows
  • Read and Write Gold for Windows
  • Read and Write Gold for Macintosh
  • Kurzweil 1000
  • SARA (Scanning And Reading Appliance)


  • Duxbury Braille Translator
  • Index Everest D
  • Focus 80

Alternate Keyboards

  • KeyOvation GoldTouch Ergonomic Keyboard
  • IntelliKeys
  • Bat
  • Windows Keyboard Utilities
  • Keyboard Utilities for the Macintosh

Alternate Pointing Devices

  • Kensington Trackball
  • No-Hands FootMouse

CCTVs (Closed Circuit Televisions) or Video Enlargers

  • FreedomScientific Topaz
  • VisioBook
  • TSI Voyager XL
  • Opti Lite
  • Optelec ClearView

Adjustable Furniture

  • Electrically Adjustable Tables
  • Manually Adjustable Tables

Assistive Listening Systems

  • Assistive Listening Systems are available in several classrooms on Purdue's campus. These systems can be helpful to individuals who are hard of hearing or in other ways benefit from amplification of the instructor's voice. Headsets for using these systems are available from ITaP. Please contact to find out more information on borrowing a headset or get information about classrooms that have assistive listening systems.

Assistive Technology Availability in other ITaP Labs

  • Most ATC software can be made available in other ITaP labs for class use. Please contact your Disability Resource Center Access Consultant for more information.