Online Undergraduate Course Launch Process Update

Purdue University Online, with direction from the Office of the Provost, seeks to develop online offerings of undergraduate courses for enrollment by residential Purdue West Lafayette students. Historically, Purdue University Online has supported development of over 120 online courses from originally face-to-face courses, focusing on bottleneck courses, high-enrollment courses, courses serving a variety of majors, and Undergraduate Core Curriculum courses. Undergraduate courses can also be developed to increase student access to courses, reduce time-to-degree, and relieve capacity of limited physical space scheduling.

Additionally, the UG Program is pursuing opportunities to develop courses that lead to students having the option to complete required coursework an entire minor online. The UG Program can also help identify courses to develop online and help facilitate the creation of Degree In 3 plans of study for individual majors.

Course Development and Instructional Support Program includes:

  • Development of online course guided by an Instructional Designer through 16-week process. Instructional Design and Video Production service costs covered by Purdue Online (learning outcomes, assessments, substantive interaction, lectures, demonstrations, editing, captioning, Video Express access, voiceovers for PPTs, ADA compliance, etc.)
  • Sponsoring department receives $6,000 development payment. $6,000 broken up into three payments associated with development milestones in the 16-week development process
  • Developed courses receive instructional support funding for three semester offerings (spring and/or fall) at $50 per student per credit hour with maximum of $30,000 per course per semester in the following conditions:
    • The course is developed as an online section for the first time – applies to Face-to-Face Conversion
    • The course will be offered during the Fall and/or Spring semesters after only being offered online during Summer sessions – applies to Course Refresh or Course Redesign
    • Increase in online sections offered during the Fall and/or Spring semester, e.g., course increases from one section to two or more with the same enrollment capacity for each section – applies to Course Refresh or Course Redesign
    • Increase in enrollment capacity of online section of 50% or more for sections with capacity of 200 or fewer; increase in enrollment capacity of online section of 100 or more for sections with 200 or more – applies to Course Refresh or Course Redesign


Face-to-Face Conversion – developing a course to be offered online for the first time; online section does not replace in-person section, but adds the online offering for students to choose when registering

Course Refresh – a course that has previously been developed with the PUO UG Program more than three years ago

Course Redesign – a course that was developed online without the assistance of the PUO UG Program

To initiate the process to develop an Undergraduate course for online offering, please contact:
Ryne Kerchner, Senior Program Manager, Undergraduate Programs and Compliance
Phone: 4-4205

A meeting will be scheduled with the interested course author (faculty member, instructor, etc.), the department head of the sponsoring department, and the college’s administrative lead for Purdue University Online to discuss the course(s), possibility for development, and timeframe to potentially initiate development and course offerings.