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Creating Targeted Video Lectures

Create concise Video Lectures by targeting the most important concepts in short videos.

When utilizing recorded video lectures, this change in context can allow us to explore content in a fraction of the time that we would need in the traditional classroom environment. By targeting specific concepts in videos that range from 5 – 8 minutes in length, students can absorb the content in chunks that best fit their learning style. This emphasis on a specific topic for each video can allow for a deeper dive into the most important elements of the course content.

Video Lectures offer more than just the ability to cover the same content as we would in a traditional lecture, as this new format can allow us to rethink about we approach topics in the first place. These video lectures can be used to deliver theory in small chunks, while also exploring application in a separate small chunk. With this strategy, students are able to best recognize how each video lecture contributes to their ability to meet the course outcomes.

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Tips to consider

Targeted Video Lectures should:

  1. Focus on 1 or 2 key topics in each video.
  2. Dive right into the key points your learners need to know.
  3. Incorporate images to connect to the content.
  4. Keep videos to 5-8 minutes in length.
  5. Apply key themes to upcoming projects or realistic scenarios.