Students will find new content, completion award in updated Learning Online 101 course

Updated content and the opportunity to earn a completion award of completion are now available to Purdue West Lafayette undergraduate students who complete the Learning Online 101 self-paced, elective course. Undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in Learning Online 101, which appears alongside their other courses in Brightspace and remains available while they are at Purdue. Students are encouraged to engage with Learning Online 101 as a way to get a jump on courses before the semester begins.

Based on student feedback about their needs, the module, “Connecting in your Classroom,” has been updated to include revised and additional content throughout (such as discussion board tips and online communication strategies) and a new section over what to expect in your first week. In addition, students who complete the course by visiting all course topics will earn a completion award in Brightspace.

Learning Online 101 was introduced in January 2021 as a resource to assist students in preparing for hybrid and online learning in the Brightspace learning management system. West Lafayette instructors and staff may also register for access to Learning Online 101 through this link to course registration.

The course was built by a team from Innovative Learning, working with faculty and student reviewers to address common issues in navigating Brightspace, feeling emotionally, physically, and logistically prepared for hybrid and online learning, and balancing their dynamic course schedules, among other challenges. Learning Online 101 features a range of materials developed specifically for students and from the student perspective. These include video tutorials, simple document guides, and links to key Purdue resources, organized into four modules that can be completed conveniently and quickly (15 to 30 minutes for each module):

  1. The “Mindset and Readiness” module is designed to help students feel more confident and prepared to learn online.
  2. “Foundations for Academic Success” offers a variety of learning best practices.
  3. The “Navigating Brightspace” module helps students operate the tools and functionality inside of Brightspace, and recognize the structure and organization in other Brightspace courses.
  4. “Connecting in Your Online Classroom” explores how students can develop connections with peers and course facilitators in virtual environments.

West Lafayette staff members, instructors, and graduate students are also encouraged to take advantage of Learning Online 101 for their own professional development, and as a way to help their students. The course includes pedagogical references and links to research on learning. There are opportunities for students to reflect on their own learning and tips to assist with learning as a semester unfolds, including:

  • Sections on note-taking, and engaging with lectures
  • Suggestions on orienting to a specific course
  • Ideas for organizing and time-management
  • How to prepare for taking exams

Innovative Learning is Purdue West Lafayette’s hub approach to connect instructors to the resources they need to engage students, develop courses in any instructional modality, and enhance learning across the University. Members include the Center for Instructional Excellence, Libraries and the School of Information Studies, Purdue Online and Teaching and Learning Technologies. To learn more, visit or email