Innovation Hub

Purdue’s home for course-based educational innovations at scale

Innovation Hub — The Home for Course-based Educational Innovations at Scale

Funded through the generous support of the Lilly Endowment as part of the Charting the Future initiative, the Innovation Hub focuses on course-based innovations at scale. With $5M in support, the Innovation Hub will extend the frontiers of teaching and learning at Purdue by providing faculty, staff, and students with the support, tools, and partnerships required to realize their large-scale visions for what a residential undergraduate education should be. Explore these pages to learn more about Innovation Hub mission, values, priorities, and opportunities to participate.

Innovation Hub is part of Purdue’s Innovation College; read below for more information about how Innovation College is promoting all dimensions of innovation in teaching and learning.

Innovation College — Accelerating Teaching and Learning Innovations

Purdue’s Innovation College (IC) was founded on the promise of academic innovation across all domains of the undergraduate experience, in order to revolutionize a Purdue education and improve outcomes and attainment for undergraduate students. As part of the Transformative Education 2.0 Purdue Move, approved by the Board of Trustees in Spring 2021, Purdue will invest in three priorities, two of which fall under the Innovation College:

  1. Strategic expansion of experiential education. ‘Experiential’ education is a planned pedagogy centering on authentic experience to strengthen students’ knowledge, skills, and abilities, paired with student reflection. High-quality experiential education overlaps with high-impact education practices (HIPs), in that they both promote mechanisms of teaching and learning beyond a traditional lecture-based classroom. The research is clear: experiential education and HIPs, when executed well, promote a wide range of desirable educational outcomes including academic performance/achievement, engagement, retention, and degree completion. They also prepare students for a rapidly-modernizing world in which new skillsets, talents, and ways of viewing/thinking about the world will be crucial differentiators of leaders in the workplace.
  2. Enhancing student learning and classroom engagement at scale (the Innovation Hub). This key Innovation College priority focuses on innovation in teaching and learning, propagation of the innovation in a sustainable way, and operationalizing the innovation at scale. ‘At scale’ could mean: (i) for a large number of students within a discipline or program, (ii) for all students in a specific academic program, (iii) across an entire academic unit’s operations, (iv) across colleges, or (v) across the university. This priority dictates that IC foci for investment will be scalable projects, rather than one-off projects that might serve a small number of students or are applicable in the context of a single class.
  3. Roadmap foundations. These projects focus on student success in all its dimensions. Academic initiatives focus on degree audits, CODO processes, and communications. Data initiatives focus on data systems, access to accurate and timely metrics, and visualization of curricular pathways.

The Innovation College encompasses priorities 1 and 2:

Transformative Education 2.0 Purdue Move — Three Priority Areas