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Survey Oversight Committee

The Survey Oversight Committee (SOC) exists to coordinate or direct, improve, enhance, and expand surveying methods at Purdue University. Its primary goals for the first year of operations (2023-2024) will include:

  • Review and improve best practices and resources for surveying to be distributed widely to Purdue affiliates via the IDA+A website and other platforms
  • Establish method of tracking constituents’ participation in large-scale surveying efforts and measuring survey fatigue (and related metrics such as survey volume), with the goal of reducing survey fatigue among Purdue affiliates
  • Establish standard operating procedures and policies (SOPs) surrounding surveying at Purdue, including but not limited to frequency, data privacy and protection, data analysis, and data visualization and dissemination
  • Promote the public visibility of the SOC and IDA+A among Purdue affiliates as the subject matter experts on surveying

The composition of the Survey Oversight Committee consists of senior leadership and leaders from other policy making or deliberative bodies across Purdue University to ensure diverse and adequate representation for each of the following constituencies: undergraduate students, graduate students, staff, and faculty. The 2023-2024 SOC includes:



Owura Kuffuor, Chair


Christopher Munt

Vice Provost for Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Sunil Prabhakar

Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Kevin Mauer

Vice Provost for Student Life

Morgan Torres

Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning

Michael Budzik

Vice President for Information Technology

Sasse Steele

Vice President for Human Resources

Alysa Rollock

Vice President for Ethics and Compliance

Ianthe Bryant-Gawthrop

Executive Vice President for Research

Katharine May


Tracy Reifel


Eric Barker

Graduate School

Brian Leung

University Senate

Andrew Askounis

Purdue Student Government

Ailin Fei

Purdue Graduate Student Government

Louis Tay

Member-at-Large (faculty with expertise in survey methods)


The SOC meets quarterly on Microsoft Teams. Questions and comments can be directed to IDA+A at