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Metadata Software

A key component of data governance is an enterprise source of data definitions, standard reports and dashboards. Designed for higher education, Data Cookbook software is this enterprise source for Purdue. It allows the institution to discuss, agree upon, document and share definitions and report specs. Having a well-documented data dictionary and catalog of official, standard reports allows for the efficient use of the abundance of institutional data.

Casual users are able to search using everyday language. The report and dashboard catalog provides the business purpose, fields contained, owner and sources. This will allow the determination of the appropriate report or dashboard to use.

In January 2019, Cognos metadata for the standard Student reports was imported into Data Cookbook. Draft report specifications are now available for all standard student reports. The specs will be improved going forward, however campus staff can now do a search on specs in Cookbook to find Cognos standard reports that may meet their need. For example a search on the keyword “credit”, yields 20 standard reports. The path to the Cognos report is included. Fields included in each report will be added in the future.

Cognos metadata for standard SAP reports has been imported into Data Cookbook. It includes the areas of Administrative Operations, Finance, Human Resources and Research (Grants Management). The Cognos metadata functionality has been retired.

In the future, implementation of the Information Requests workflow feature would streamline requests for additional standard reports and provide governance around that process. If a new report is needed or a change to a current one, the request is transparent to the community. Additionally, there is a suite of data quality functionality in Data Cookbook, which is in the process of being implemented.