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Staff Pay Band Information

Every job at Purdue is assigned a pay band. Pay bands establish the competitive range of pay for a job and guide every compensation decision that is made, from annual merit awards, to promotional increases, to setting pay for new hires. It is the fundamental mechanism Purdue uses to ensure we deliver on our compensation philosophy of being fair, consistent and market competitive.  

Purdue’s pay bands are based on competitive market data from well-established survey firms. Each pay band has three critical components:

  • Minimum – Lowest acceptable rate of pay
  • Midpoint – Target market median rate of pay
  • Maximum – Highest acceptable rate of pay

Our pay bands reflect that not everyone in a job has the same level of experience, job mastery or performance. So while the midpoint represents the market rate for each job, not everyone will or should be paid at the midpoint. Depending on the level of experience, job mastery, and performance, some employees will be lower in the band, some closer to the midpoint and some above the midpoint.

The pay bands represent market competitive pay and have been designed to be wide enough to accommodate a variety of experience and expertise levels. An individual’s position within the pay band may vary dependent upon experience, performance, skills, competencies, and available budget.


Purdue is committed to ensuring all employees meeting performance expectations are paid within their pay band. In the event that an employee is found to be over the maximum of their pay band, no reduction in compensation will occur but their base pay will be frozen until such time as they fall below the maximum of the band.

The pay band minimums, midpoints and maximums are based on a full time fiscal year schedule.

Pay Band Minimum Midpoint Maximum
S025 23,300 32,400 41,500
S030 25,600 35,600 45,600
S035 28,200 39,200 50,200
S040 31,100 43,200 55,300
S045 34,200 47,500 60,800
S050 37,600 52,200 66,800
S055 41,400 57,500 73,600
S060 45,400 63,100 80,800
S065 52,200 72,600 93,000
S070 60,100 83,500 106,900
S075 69,100 96,100 123,100
S080 79,500 110,500 141,500
S085 91,400 127,100 162,800
S090 105,200 146,200 187,200
S095 120,900 168,100 215,300
S100 139,000 193,200 247,400
S105 159,900 222,300 284,700
S110 183,900 255,600 327,300
S115 308,600 412,000 515,400
S120* 32,700 90,000 147,300
S125* 49,100 135,000 220,900

S120 and S125 apply to Researchers. They are very broad to accommodate the number of factors that impact pay in such roles. Internal data based on current incumbents in the same job will be used to determine more specific pay for positions in these jobs.

Lecturer pay bands