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Compensation Guidelines on Job Offer

Purdue’s compensation philosophy is to hire prospective candidates at a rate of pay that is competitive to the market; commensurate with the skills, knowledge and experience of the candidate; and internally equitable relative to other Purdue employees in the same or similar role. When hiring into a position, the starting compensation rate should be determined by considering the pay band for the job and career stream level along with other criteria outlined below. 

The following illustration provides guidelines for the appropriate placement in the range based on these factors:


Before extending an offer, consider the following criteria: 
  • Degree of job responsibilities
  • Demonstrated, sustained performance, knowledge, skills, and/or experience
  • Salaries of other similarly situated employees in the same or similar job
  • Market conditions in relationship to the job
HR Compensation ( will conduct an offer review and provide a recommendation when:
  1. The proposed offer is above the mid-point of the pay band.
  2. A pay increase is desired for an internal transfer within the same job code, same pay band, lower career stream level or lower pay band.
  3. Any hiring manager would like guidance on an offer amount.