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Position Changes and Pay Band Impact Guidelines

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A transfer / lateral move occurs when an employee takes a new position that is in the same Career Level as their current role. Pay changes for these types of moves are handled differently depending on the situation – see chart below or to view chart in a larger format click on chart to display.



On occasion, an employee may move to a job in a lower career level. Please consult with HR-Compensation for further guidance.

In the event of a voluntary demotion where the employee has applied for a job in a lower career level, a pay decrease is generally warranted to align the employee’s compensation with the market for the lower level role. Please consult with HR-Compensation for further guidance.

Market and Equity Adjustments

Compensation continually assesses both the external competitiveness of compensation as well as the internal equity of compensation of employees in the same / similar roles. As a result of these analyses, proposed compensation adjustments may be identified outside the annual merit processes. HR-Compensation will work with the Department and Manager regarding proposed changes to ensure they are properly made and communicated to affected employees.

Temporary Job Changes and Interim Appointments

When an employee is required to assume additional and / or different responsibilities for a period of time, temporary compensation may be considered. Managers should work with HR-Compensation for further guidance.