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Off Cycle Compensation Adjustments

While most compensation reviews will occur on an annual basis through merit or a promotion cycle, there may be some occasions where an off-cycle compensation adjustment is warranted.  Reasons to consider off cycle compensation adjustments may include departmental equity and external market conditions that do not meet the requirements for a promotion.

Retention Offers

Retention offers can be considered as a response to an employee’s external offer when their retention is essential to achieving departmental or University goals. The employee’s demonstrated performance, skillsets compared to external market, ability to advance to future roles, and culture fit are all factors to consider when evaluating if a retention offer is critical for departmental retention. Contact HR Compensation for consultation.


On the occasion when an employee moves to a job in a lower career level, whether voluntary or involuntary, HR Compensation will conduct a review and make a recommendation if pay will be impacted.

Market and Equity Adjustments

HR Compensation regularly conducts compensation assessments for market competitiveness and internal equity. As a result of these analyses, proposed compensation adjustments may be identified outside the annual merit processes. HR Compensation will work with the unit leadership to make recommendations on pay changes.

Temporary Duties and Interim Appointments

When an employee is required to assume additional and/or different responsibilities within their department for a limited period of time, temporary compensation may be considered.  Unit leadership needs to consult with compensation for non-exempt employees.  Exempt staff follow the administrative supplement guidelines.