Dr. Daniel C. Jones

Dr. Daniel C. Jones

Dr. Daniel C. Jones

Senior Intercultural Learning Specialist
Young Hall, Suite 120
Phone: (765) 496-3084
Email: dcjones@purdue.edu

Daniel C. Jones, PhD, is a Senior Intercultural Learning Specialist at CILMAR. His responsibilities include:

  • overseeing intercultural mentoring for study abroad students in Semester Abroad in Intercultural Learning (SAIL) scholarship courses
  • providing intercultural training to faculty and staff in the Intercultural Pedagogy Grant (IPG) program
  • co-administering the Virtual Experiential Intercultural Learning (VEIL) Grant and Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Grant programs

As a PhD candidate in German Literature, Dan began his intercultural career as the first Graduate Assistant in Intercultural Learning to Katherine Yngve, who at the time was the only Intercultural Specialist at Purdue University—making Dan the original GAIL. Having learned from the staff of International Programs, what would become the new Center for Intercultural Learning, Dan now manages his own GAILs and has helped, in his own way, to shape CILMAR and its mission.

As a professional educator, Dan’s primary research interests are in curriculum and program evaluation focusing on the efficacy of intercultural interventions on intercultural development using the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI).

Dan is open to collaborating on:

  • projects embedding intercultural learning into existing courses and programs
  • the creation of intercultural learning mentorship curricula for semester abroad students
  • faculty and staff training in intercultural learning
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Fun fact: Dan’s first experience living abroad was as a Rotary Club exchange student in Stolzenau, Germany in 1993-94, a small village near Hannover. He had four host-families (he assures us that this was pre-planned, not because he is such a handful), which gave him a diverse glimpse into German family life. While there, he played soccer with a local club and toured most of the country, including the “new states” in the east. In 2008-09, he had the good fortune of living in Germany once again, this time in Freiburg—the sunniest city in Germany. Dan still maintains strong ties with his friends and host-families in Germany.