You may have seen the story in the July-August 2022 SIETAR newsletter about the new home(s) for the Janet Bennett Library and wondered how it came to be that Purdue University's CILMAR was a recipient of a portion of the library.

Like many of you, we at CILMAR were aware of the library and its tremendous value because various members of our staff attended the Summer Institute For Intercultural Communication (SIIC). We never dared to dream that a portion of the library would come to live at Purdue University until Dr. Bennett discussed the library's move from the Intercultural Communication Institute to her home at a fireside chat hosted by Sandra Fowler at the 2019 Sietar USA conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

At that time, Janet revealed where the library would be going when it moved from her home, but, when that plan did not come to fruition, CILMAR's director Dr. Kris Acheson-Clair made inquiries as to how CILMAR might help to facilitate its relocation.

Fast forward to July 21, 2022

The first shipment of books arrived at CILMAR in the bankers boxes so familiar to SIIC interns.
Books in bankers boxes in reception area  Books in reception area_2 Books in reception area_3 Books in YONG 123
Our move to remote work during the pandemic allowed us to rearrange to a more flexible desk space configuration when we now work on campus, making room for the library.

Stay tuned for more

We are still awaiting another shipment of books before we begin arranging the books on shelves. When it happens, there will be updates here. In total, we anticipate that the Purdue-CILMAR portion of the library will be 7000 books strong--20% of the legacy.

To see a complete plan for the Janet M. Bennett Intercultural Library

Please go to the Janet M. Bennett Intercultural Library website.