Dr. Aparajita Jaiswal

Dr. Aparajita Jaiswal

Dr. Aparajita Jaiswal

Intercultural Research Specialist
Young Hall, Suite 120
Phone: (765) 494-9399
Email: jaiswal2@purdue.edu

Her responsibilities include:

  • CILMAR Mini-Grants
  • research support - writing group and consultations
  • research collaborations

Aparajita extensively conducts research in the area of STEM education and brings a perspective on integrating intercultural learning into the STEM curriculum.

Also, she is interested to explore the impact of Virtual/Augmented Reality in helping students develop intercultural competence by immersing them into a virtual environment.

 Aparajita is open to collaborating in relation to:

  • Research projects and grants related to intercultural competence and diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Photo of a sunset taken by Dr. Aparajita Jaiswal

Photo credit: Aparajita Jaiswal, 2022

Fun fact: Aparajita holds a Ph.D. in Technology from Purdue. She is from India. Aparajita was born in a Bengali family and raised in the Northern part of India. Therefore Aparajita is well familiar with both the cultures and speaks Bengali and Hindi fluently. Aparajita loves to travel and is very much passionate about photography. She believes that photographs are the best way to capture nature’s beauty.