Dr. Aletha Stahl

Dr. Aletha Stahl

Dr. Aletha Stahl

Lead Intercultural Learning Specialist
Young Hall, Suite 120
Phone: (765) 494-8463
Email: stahl23@purdue.edu

Aletha Stahl, PhD, is the lead intercultural learning specialist at CILMAR and is an affiliated faculty member in the Comparative Literature program, School of Interdisciplinary Studies, College of Liberal Arts. Her responsibilities include:

  • working with faculty on curricular needs assessments and intervention design
  • managing the faculty/staff program Growing Intercultural Leaders
  • developing curricula.

Following more than two decades as a faculty member at a small liberal arts college, Aletha came to Purdue to broaden her understanding of higher education and to deepen her knowledge and skillset of all things intercultural by partnering with faculty and staff as they mentor and teach.

Aletha’s research has focused on intersections of language and power in the Caribbean, specifically the role of Creole during the Haitian revolution and in contemporary literary movements, and on the scholarship of teaching and learning. Her current projects include intercultural learning and social justice in the world languages classroom and in other classroom settings.

Aletha seeks opportunities to collaborate on:

  • the design and integration of intercultural and social justice learning materials
  • Indiana (e.g., Extension), university and college-wide initiatives

Fun fact: Aletha likes exploring internal and external landscapes and finds endless opportunities to do so – sharing sun salutations with a goat on a Haitian hillside, tramping through peat bogs and sheep on the Coast-to-Coast walk across England, getting lost on a run in Berlin, locating that one tight hip muscle to release, cycling through a chorus of spring peepers in West Lafayette, slowing her heartbeat with a breath. . . Sa w pa konnen pi gran pase w. What you don’t know is greater than you.