New ENTR Instructor

Peter Fuller

Peter Fuller, a new Instructor in the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program, brings to the classroom stories of success, failure, and even a disaster or two. Two decades in the workforce and the experience of starting 15 companies, two industry associations, and one non-profit, has led Peter to his latest venture – Live Fused, an executive coaching firm that has created the Live Fused Integrated Operating System for businesses. LFIOS, for short, is a system of tools that help integrate personal goals into a company’s business strategy.

The program Peter developed at Live Fused results in accelerated growth and a transformed culture for the client. Peter is passionate in evaluating the psychology and brain science of leadership to influence business principles and result in company growth and a healthier CEO.

Peter brings this mindset and his depth and breadth of experience to the ENTR classroom by teaching what it is really like to start a company. Needless to say, students are eager to learn about his experiences in selling a startup company for 8x its Series A funding after only six months, negotiating $100MM deal with Verizon, and assisting in the creation of Hands of Hope Africa (a non-profit that feeds, educates and provides housing for children orphaned by AIDS in Zimbabwe).

This December Peter’s book Start With You: How Badass Executives are Transforming Their Lives (and Businesses) in Just 12 Quarters will be released and he hopes that readers will learn to embrace that “the past is gone and only holds space in our current reality because we CHOOSE to give it that space. When we CHOOSE to let go of the past and truly form a clean vision for our lives and businesses, then we can form any future we want. The individual—you—is what matters. The company we start is just an expression of our purpose and passion.” 

Peter has just begun to share his experiences and wisdom with Purdue students, and through his teaching and guidance they are sure to develop their own entrepreneurial stories as they realize that it starts with them!