Kaitlyn Haff

Kaitlyn Haff is a Purdue student on the move. Her high energy and passion for personal health plays a large role in her day to day as she jumps from academic responsibilities to organizational leadership positions. Kaitlyn is a junior majoring in Applied Exercise & Health with minors in Psychology; Technology, Leadership, and Innovation, as well as participating as an Honors College student while pursuing a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Kaitlyn’s campus involvement includes being on the Morale Committee of PUDM, participating in the Adopt-A-Grandparent Club, and holding a membership in the Ann Tweedale Cooperative. Kaitlyn also works as a Personal Trainer at Purdue Recreation and Wellness where she helps educate others on how to reach their fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Kaitlyn’s time at Purdue has been shaped by her willingness to seek out many learning opportunities to help her grow and find a meaningful career path. One such experience was in her ENTR 31000 Marketing and Management for New Ventures course where she worked with a team to create a new product. Her team proposed a “Fizz-It Tab”, a tablet to re-carbonate a drink after it goes flat. “I was part of an awesome team! We immediately bonded and got to spend the entire semester creating and outlining our plan. It was inspiring to work closely with others from such a diverse range of majors and all with different career goals.”

All of Kaitlyn’s activities and educational pursuits (and especially her entrepreneurship education) has introduced her to a wide range of students, and this has fed her interest in working with diverse groups of people. “The ENTR program has encouraged me to grow in confidence, develop stronger interpersonal skills, and connect with students and professionals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. I am much more prepared to effectively communicate, collaborate, and problem-solve as a part of a team in any career path.”

Kaitlyn Haff is a student to watch as she continues to seek out opportunities and educational experiences that will lead to a successful career.

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