ENTR Ambassador Blends Creative Talent and Entrepreneurial Dreams

Madi Wallace spotlight

Lafayette native Madison Wallace, took full advantage of her four years at Purdue, majoring in Studio Arts & Technology, serving as a proud member of the Purduettes, working as a freelance graphic designer, starting her own wedding photography business, and serving as a Student Ambassador for the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation program. Madison runs on passion in everything she does, especially when developing her businesses and tapping into her creative talent.

Madison has taken a lot of initiative in her studies to help prepare her for her future career. “I can take my expertise from my major and build it into a business using all the things I learned from the ENTR Certificate.” Madison shares, “This certificate completes my experience at Purdue.”

A true entrepreneur, Madison hopes to open her own store of home goods or start a photography company that coaches young photographers. She shares that the ENTR Certificate has been a “real-life shark-tank” environment where she has been encouraged to grow her businesses. “You receive endless motivation to turn your dreams into reality. You get the knowledge and support you need from the amazing and skilled faculty.”

The ENTR Certificate Program is filled with many motivated, inspirational young entrepreneurs like Madison and she will certainly be one to watch as she is sure to create something extraordinary in her future businesses.