Peter Nowicke

Leadership skills can be developed over time, but to hone them takes great effort. ENTR Ambassador and College of Science Senior Peter Nowicke is an example of a Purdue student who has used his time at Purdue to not only gain the academic foundation he needs to be successful in his career, but also develop the leadership skills he needs to be successful.

Peter is majoring in Chemistry and pursuing a Certificate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Outside of the classroom and in addition to serving as an Ambassador for the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation program, Peter is a founding member of Pi Lambda Phi fraternity and founder and President of the Purdue Chapter of the Institute of Nuclear Materials and Management, as well as a volunteer at the local Food Finders Food Bank.

Recently, Peter worked as a chemical engineering consultant for CARBON Group Global where he combined his academic foundation in Chemistry and the business and communication skills he has learned in his Entrepreneurship classes. “Pairing a hard science degree with the business knowledge and communication skills I have developed in my Entrepreneurship classes really makes me stand out from other people in my field.”

Peter will graduate in May 2020 and has accepted a Market Analyst position for CARBON Group Global. With the specialized skillset and the leadership skills he has developed while at Purdue, Peter is sure to be a valued team member and leader.

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