Space Exploration Alum

Meet Tony Coiro, a Purdue 2012 College of Science graduate and recipient of the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Tony is now the Lead Manufacturing Engineer for SpaceX.

Tony says SpaceX’s forward thinking and innovative environment brings new and exciting daily challenges that he is prepared for because of the Physics and Entrepreneurship courses he had at Purdue.

“A Physics degree along with the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation gives you a well rounded education and toolbox to solve problems. Physics gives you a strong technical base and entrepreneurship teaches flexibility and creativity.”

Tony believes his entrepreneurship education at Purdue helped him learn how to pivot, to not get lost in technical problems and spin his wheels. he also gained perspective he wouldn’t otherwise have.

“Taking a step back and approaching the problem from a different angle applies to rocket sciences as much as it does in entrepreneurship.”

Reflecting on his time in Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program classes, Tony remembers his peers as being passionate about making an impact on the world. That is certainly what he is doing in his position at SpaceX.

Tony Coiro is a Boilermaker alumni to watch. His passion to make an impact on the world might just lead us to other worlds through his work in space exploration.