Ben Walters

Ben Walters, a Purdue junior majoring in Biomedical Engineering, minoring in Design and Innovation and Biological Sciences and pursuing a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, is an enthusiastic student and leader. Making the most of his time at Purdue, Ben has risen as a leader in campus organizations, such as Boiler Gold Rush International and Purdue University Neuroscience Society (PUNS). In Boiler Gold Rush, Ben served as a Team Leader for two years and with PUNS he lead a multidisciplinary team of students in the design of an EEG-based, remote controlled car, which was displayed at Purdue’s Springfest to promote neuroscience to younger generations.

Ben has also worked as an undergraduate researcher for the past year in the Linnes Lab in the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering. He has been collaborating on a smart device for Kangaroo Mother Care to measure the vital signs of premature babies in NICUs and low resource settings. “This has been an awesome opportunity to study independently while taking part in the device design and iteration while also seeing how a non-profit business can effectively be set up around the product. This opportunity has allowed me to take part in real world entrepreneurial activities rather than just learning about them in a classroom.” Ben states his team is working to patent part of their research and he is currently writing a publication, which he has found to be an exciting experience in learning how to effectively communicate complex topics and ideas.

Ben’s high energy keeps him constantly looking for his next project. With his engineering background and innovative spirit, he and friends work on small electronic projects such as developing an electric mountainboard or arcade games. His many creations and passions are backed by his newfound knowledge of the business world. Ben shares, “Engineering does a great job teaching us how to problem solve and acquire the technical skills for building and designing products or solutions, and the Entrepreneurship Certificate program provides a more in-depth view of how to actually go from a product to a viable business.” He explains that his entrepreneurship education helps answer the “now what?” question after creating a product or solution that you are proud of.

Ben also knows that the business world can shift. He says, “The Entrepreneurship Certificate program has shown me that each entrepreneurial experience is unique, requiring you to adapt and adjust on the fly.” He feels as if having a more complete view on business in general allows him to be more versatile in whatever passion he chooses to follow. Ben Walters is one to watch, as his energy, enthusiasm and diverse experiences are sure to result in a bright future as an entrepreneurial engineer.

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