Mitchell Jordan - Student Spotlight

Some students come to Purdue unsure of what major or career they will pursue after graduation, while others like Junior College of Agriculture student Mitchell Jordan know exactly what they want to do. Mitchell developed his passion for agriculture early in his life through his work on his family’s swine and grain farm in Richmond, Indiana. Many of his interests since childhood have revolved around the agricultural community and ultimately led him to study Agricultural Economics with minors in Farm Management and Crop Science, as well as pursue a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

At Purdue, Mitchell has combined his interests of agriculture with his entrepreneurial mindset by taking courses that focus on growing agricultural businesses and teaching agricultural selling. Throughout his course work, Mitchell has learned that, “entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be about the typical business start-up that everyone associates with the word, but it can be a way of thinking outside of the box to innovate and can be applicable to many different situations.” Mitchell is excited to take his knowledge of entrepreneurship and business practices back to his family business one day.

Mitchell believes that participating in the entrepreneurship in-class business creation simulations greatly complements his farm management courses and feels highly prepared to join the workforce after his experiences of forming a mock business and presenting to investors. Mitchell shares, “The ability to take a start up from the drawing board and develop it into a viable business let me use a lot of the material covered in my other classes and apply it to a real life situation.”

Mitchell is also eager to begin his future career in the agricultural industry because of the many connections he has developed during his time at Purdue. His connections come from not only networking with guest speakers in his classes, but also his position as Member Development Chair at Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity, his membership in the Ag Business Club, and his position as an ENTR Ambassador.

Mitchell plans to make the most of the remainder of his time at Purdue as he prepares for his future career in the Agriculture industry. He is certainly one to watch for the innovative practices he may implement not only in his industry, but also in his family-owned business.

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