Samples that utilize established methods in our lab are billed on a per sample basis. Samples that require method development are billed on an hourly rate (see below).  Sample preparation can be performed for an additional fee. 

Service Internal Clients Consortium* External Non-Profit**
Agilent 6410 NanoLC QQQ $46/hr $31/hr $88/hr
Agilent 6460 QQQ LC/MS/MS $46/hr $31/hr $97/hr
Agilent 6545 Q-TOF $63/hr $48/hr $122/hr
Agilent 6550 Q-TOF $63/hr $48/hr $122/hr
Agilent HPLC/UV $31/hr $16/hr $56/hr
Thermo TSQ GC/MS/MS $46/hr $31/hr $96hr
Thermo LTQ Orbitrap XL  $46/hr $31/hr $80/hr
Agilent 5975C GC/MS $46/hr $31/hr $104/hr
Tissue Sprayer $20/hr $16/hr $33/hr
Waters Synapt XS $55/hr $40/hr $86/hr
MALDI ABS 4800 $46/hr $31/hr $92/hr
MALDI Voyager De Pro $46/hr $31/hr $131/hr
DRUG Advion Expression $12/hr $10/hr $29/hr
Fatty Acid Analysis $38/sample $24/sample $68/sample
Sample prep - Liquids $23/sample $13/sample $43/sample
Sample prep - Tissues $44/sample $25/sample $84/sample
Exploratory Lipidomics $11/sample $7/sample $19/sample
Staff Labor $74/hr $42/hr $140/hr
*Consortium members include Chemistry, MCMP, Center for Plant Biology, and Center for Cancer Research.
**For corporate rates, please inquire

Facility rates are authorized through Purdue University's business system and ae based on cost per hour for instrument usage and hourly time for facility staff.

Rates are subject to change.

Targeted Metabolomics

Analytes with established methods are listed below. If your analyte of interest is not listed, please contact the core to discuss a method development project.

Service Description
Sample Prep (Liquids)
Sample Prep (Tissues)
- ADMA/SDMA/Arginine
- Amino Acids (free)
- Melatonin PDF
- Plant Hormones PDF
- Thyroid Hormones
- Acylcarnitines
- Ceramides
- Dihexosylceramides
- Fatty Acids PDF
- Monohexosylceramides
- Oxysterols PDF
- Short Chain Fatty Acids PDF
- Sphingoid Bases
- Sphingomyelins
- Vitamin As
- Vitamin Bs
- Vitamin Ds
- Vitamin Es
Pesticides (Purdue researchers only) PDF
3-HPMA (acrolein metabolite)
Nucleoside Triphosphate PDF
Toxins (aflatoxin, ergotamine)