CODO (Major Change) Requirements

Are you thinking of changing your major? At Purdue that’s called a CODO (Change of Degree Objective), and you start the process by reaching out to your current academic advisor for guidance.

Your specific CODO requirements will follow when you entered Purdue University-West Lafayette. This is formally known as your catalog term. Please select the academic year in which you began classes at Purdue for your CODO requirements. (If you need help, you can find your catalog term at the top of your MyPurduePlan worksheet.)


CODO Contacts Information during COVID-19 advising phase.


2017-2018 CODO Requirements 2018-2019 CODO Requirements 2019-2020 CODO Requirements 2020-2021 CODO Requirements

2016-2017 and prior CODO requirements can be found on department webpages