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Additional Articles & Resources

Culture Crossing - A community built guide to cross-cultural etiquette & understanding 


Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA) — Publications

A Freshman Year, Far From Home - by Karin Fischer (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Encounters With Diversity, on Campuses and in Course Work, Bolster Critical-Thinking Skills, Studies Find — by Dan Berret (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Finding Common Ground: Enhancing Interaction Between Domestic and International Students — Australian Learning and Teaching Council

Five Competencies for Culturally Competent Teaching and Learning — by Cheryl Irish, EdD and Monica Scrubb, EdD

Grades Out, Badges In — by David Schwen (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Building a Better World - The Pedagogy and Practice of Global Service-Learning —Research informing reflective practice

Seven Revolutions