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Additional Articles & Resources

Culture Crossing - A community built guide to cross-cultural etiquette & understanding 


Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA) — Publications

A Freshman Year, Far From Home - by Karin Fischer (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Encounters With Diversity, on Campuses and in Course Work, Bolster Critical-Thinking Skills, Studies Find — by Dan Berret (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Finding Common Ground: Enhancing Interaction Between Domestic and International Students — Australian Learning and Teaching Council

Five Competencies for Culturally Competent Teaching and Learning — by Cheryl Irish, EdD and Monica Scrubb, EdD

Grades Out, Badges In — by David Schwen (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Building a Better World - The Pedagogy and Practice of Global Service-Learning —Research informing reflective practice

Intercultural Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge Q2 Reflection Handbook —This is a FREE, downloadable, generic, one size fits all resource for staff and faculty to guide students in reflection of experiential learning assignments, activities, and experiences. This is a sound resource to capture the intercultural or diversity learning of students and collect student artifacts of their learning to tell the story of student intercultural and diversity development. It is also a tool for faculty and staff to use as "mentors" of undergraduate students.

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