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The Global Learning Faculty and Student Development Program

Mission Statement

CIE's Global Learning Faculty and Student Development mission is to assist Purdue instructors to be stewards in optimizing and transforming classroom teaching and learning by integrating global issues, activities, and experiences into class content and learning objectives, so that all students, international and national alike, have a venue for unique, realistic global experiences and global learning.

The Global Learning Faculty and Student Development Program values the:

  • Preparation of students for a global society including the integration of global issues into classroom learning.
  • Effective, practical and efficient instruction by faculty.
  • Opportunities to prepare all students for a global society.
  • Multiple forms of diversity and globalization.
  • Influences occurring outside the classroom that significantly interact with student success in learning.

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The mission statements and strategic plans of most colleges and universities emphasize the opportunity to prepare graduates for a global society and global citizenship. Even the introduction of intercultural knowledge and eventually developing competency is elusive, especially in assessing attitudes, skills, and knowledge, which fall under Bloom’s Affective Domain. Global Learning Faculty Development at Purdue University provides faculty, staff, and instructors with teaching tips, resources and tools, including sample “starter kit” assignments, to assist them in introducing the first steps for idea development when teaching intercultural learning. These resources map the process of learning to the intercultural attitudes, skills, and knowledge, using Bloom’s Affective Domain of learning, to the Association of American Colleges & Universities VALUE Rubric Development Project.

Please note that the teaching and learning resources that are provided here are intended only to introduce a few identified key constructs of intercultural learning to students using a developmental model and to provide instructors with formative assessment tools to enhance student learning. These tools are not for summative assessment or formal evaluation purposes. Please contact Chuck Calahan at calahanc@purdue.edu with any questions regarding the learning tools and for any additional assistance.