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Explore The Scholarship of Teaching And Learning

Are you familiar with the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning? It's a research agenda that involves the study of teaching and learning — and the sharing of results through presentations, publications and performances. It focuses on learning activities and outcomes, working across disciplines to integrate the experience of teaching with the scholarship of research. One goal is to establish general criteria for scholarship, which members of the teaching community can review and build on to advance the field.

How can you benefit from the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning? It may help you:

  • Examine teaching and learning questions in a scholarly way
  • Support and provide evidence of teaching effectiveness in tenure and promotion portfolios
  • Conduct classroom and program assessments
  • Review and accredit programs
  • Broaden graduate student training and preparation
  • Provide research opportunities for students
  • Get involved in a national/international higher education initiative
  • Enhance (not replace) traditional scholarship in the field

Take a look at the presentations, research, publications, references and readings to learn more — and email  CIE@purdue.edu with any questions.

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