Frequently Asked Questions

Can students receive other financial aid in addition to the Summer Internship Plus Scholarship?

  • Students who are awarded the Summer Internship Plus Scholarship will receive up to $1,000 to help pay your estimated summer cost of attendance not already covered by other gift aid. Students are also eligible for need-based aid by completing the 2023-2024 FAFSA and applying for summer aid in your myPurdue portal.

Do students need to take a certain number of credit hours?

  • Yes. All students who are awarded the Summer Internship Plus Scholarship will be required to enroll in at least six credit hours during the Summer.

Can a student do a summer study abroad experience while participating in Summer Internship Plus?

  • Students who wish to participate in study abroad during summer may still qualify. However, credits earned for the Study Abroad experience will not count toward the 6 credit hour requirement.

Do students need to have a paid internship in order to qualify for this scholarship?

  • No. All internships or relevant work experience will qualify.

Who do I contact with questions about Summer Internship Plus?

  • Summer Internship Plus Home