Enrollment Options

Applications for Summer 2023 are closed. The Summer 2024 application will open on December 1, 2023. 

Residential, Online, or Commuting – You Choose!

Students who enroll in Summer College for High Students have the freedom to choose courses that fit best with their summer plans. We offer residential, commuting, and online options! 

Residential Options

Students wishing to take traditional courses alongside our undergraduates may only live on campus from July 9 - August 4. High school students may enroll in a maximum of 7 credit hours.  Room and board for this experience is $1,469 - this includes 14 meals per week (breakfast is not provided).

Students looking for a shorter stay on campus, should consider our intensive 1-week and 2-week opportunities. Move-in and orientation for each experience will occur on Sunday and class sessions begin on Monday. Parents are invited to attend a closing session on Friday prior to move-out. View the list of short-term, fun-sized courses.


Purdue offers multiple entry-level, online courses that will apply to your future plan of study or transfer to another institution. Courses will run for 4-12 weeks, depending on the module you select. Students may complete up to 7 total credit hours throughout the entire summer session. View a list of popular online options.


Students may opt to live at home, but attend courses on the campus of Purdue University. These students will have the same access to campus facilities and extracurricular activities as residential students. Commuter students may register for up to 7 total credit hours throughout the entire summer session. View a list of popular options.

Student Benefits

Students enrolled in Summer College for High School Students may take advantage of campus resources offered to current Purdue Students. This includes access to the co-rec (a small fee is assessed if you are not enrolled in at least 6 credit hours), libraries, student success programs, summer activities, and more.

2023 Summer Modules

12 Week 8 Week 4 Week
Full Summer Module:
May 15 – August 4
First 8-Week Module:
May 15 – July 7
May 15 – June 9
Second 8-Week Module:
June 12 – August 4
Second 4-week Module:
June 12 – July 7
Third 4-week Module:
July 10 – August 4

The Summer 2023 application opened on December 1, 2022.