Contact the Pre-College Pathways Team

For questions related to completing summer courses as a high school student, please contact our Pre-College Pathways team via email at, text us at (765) 201-0292, or call us at (765) 496-7193.


Jaimee Barr, M.S.

Assistant Director of Pre-College Pathways

Jaimee is a first-generation college graduate from Marion, IN. She earned her Bachelor of Social Work from Ball State University in 2017 and her Master of Science in College Student Personnel from Western Illinois University in 2019. Driven by her enneagram 2 personality type, she enjoys helping others, especially when it comes to facilitating opportunities for them to develop into the best versions of themselves. In addition to overseeing the University's Summer College for High School Students program, Jaimee volunteers wiith her sorority in multiple roles, enjoys watching or listening to anything having to do with true crime, snuggling up with her dog, and dreaming about her next trip to Walt Disney World. 

Desmine T. Robinson, M.A.E.L.

Pre-College Recruiter

Mr. Desmine (Des-men) T. Robinson is from Ypsilanti, MI and is a first generation graduate with his Bachelor of Science in Psychology (2020) and his Master of Arts in Educational Leadership, Higher Education Student Affairs with a Certificate in Academic Advising (2022) from Eastern Michigan University. Desmine’s experience working with Upward Bound inspired his passion for working with high school students transitioning into college. Desmine’s experiences as a College Readiness Coach, a Community Programmer for a Transfer Student Living and Learning Community, a domestic and international orientation leader and sitting on commissions for diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, gave Desmine an opportunity to reflect on how a university’s resources and systems can be utilized to help students succeed. He thrives to co-facilitate a sense of belonging among students and encourages students to see college as an opportunity to develop into a scholar and into a greater version of themselves. Desmine uses his free time singing karaoke with friends, exercising, watching anime, writing poetry, making beats, staying in contact with his mentees and mentors over the years, and volunteering for Washtenaw County’s (NAMI) National Alliance on Mental Illness.   


Pre-College Admissions Administrator




Katie Pratt, J.D. Candidate

Temporary Support Staff, Summer Session