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Student Space

Looking for a place to study, warm up your lunch, or just have a few minutes of quiet? If so, we hope you will come and check out (and use) our student space dedicated to Span Plan nontraditional students! The space includes desks, tables, microwave, refrigerator full of cold drinks, and snacks to recharge your time on campus. There are plenty of outlets to plug in your electronic devices and both the Span Plan Student Coaches and director are right there to answer questions.

Join us in Krach Leadership Center (KRCH), room 416

  • Monday - Thursday | 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • Friday | 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Watch our events page where extra evening hours and late night hours will be listed for you to use before and during finals!

Study space designed specifically for parenting students is now available in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Education Library (HSSE), located in Stewart Center! Click here to reserve a study time in the family friendly study room, HSSE 252. This space is family friendly and you are welcome to bring your children. Two ITAP computers are available and it is near lactation and changing rooms.

Spring 2022 Study Accountability Group

Studying or working on homework can sometimes feel isolating and may lead to reduced productivity or procrastination. Join us and help hold each other accountable so we can all have a successful semester! This group is offered in partnership with the Academic Success Center and is specifically for Span Plan nontraditional students.

Joining an Accountability Group will help you learn and implement time management and study strategies, connect you with peers, and provide a dedicated time to work on individual tasks. Together, you can learn from one another, including sharing strategies, celebrating each other's accomplishments, and supporting one another when you experience challenges.

Our group will meet for 90 minutes on Tuesdays each week from 3:30 - 5:00 pm. Group members are expected to attend each week to help contribute to the group's overall success. The first portion of the group meeting will be dedicated to checking in with one another and learning about a new learning strategy or topic. The remaining time will be designated work time for everyone to work on their individual tasks and assignments. Groups will wrap-up their meeting with a quick check-in to see how things went.

At this time, applications for Spring 2022 Accountability Groups are closed, but please check back soon for information on Fall 2022 Accountability Groups.

Span Plan Student Coaches

Looking for that extra boost to your success at Purdue? If so, consider signing up to be matched to one of our Span Plan Student Coaches! Whether a new or returning student, being paired up with a Student Coach helps you to build your connection to Purdue, academic resources and Span Plan. This is a voluntary program, sign up today if you would like to have a coach!

Interested in being a Student Coach? We would love to talk to you! We will be accepting applications prior the fall and spring terms for a limited number of spaces. We do require that you have attended at least one semester at the Purdue West Lafayette campus in the last year, be excited about helping others and have 2-3 hours per week for a paid position in the Span Plan office. Call 765-496-3392 or email